“The Bowen treatments that Jo Jenner does on my animals and myself never ceases to amaze me. The results I see in my dog and myself are amazing to say the least.

I recently had her come out to do a Bowen treatment on my dog who was in a lot of pain. I had the dog to the vet 2 times in 3 days with no diagnosis and no results. She was put on pain relief which helped a little but it did not fix the problem. Anyway Jo came out and did her magic. So amazing to see my dog go from leaning way over to the left side, short and compacted and hunched in her back, with very restricted strides, to stretched out to her normal body length. You could actually see she had a waist and her movement returned back to normal. Her whole demeanour changed back to the happy, love life type of dog that she is. She went from lying on the ground yelping and not wanting to move (to the point where we had to carry her) to running full steam ahead like she always does down the paddock. I was so relieved to see her not in any more pain and back to her normal self. As a dog breeder it is imperative that my bitches are 100% sound. Having lots of dogs & young pups playing hard out, occasionally crashes happen. Providing the dogs involved have a Bowen treatment asap the animals in question return to soundness immediately & it doesn’t affect their growing.

Jo also does wonders for me and I will get her to come out every time something is amiss in my body. It is not that often that I need her treatments anymore now that she has my body straight, balanced and walking correctly. But when the time does arise I can guarantee she will fix me so it is she I call. Jo is amazing and I would recommend her to anybody.”

Amber Tamaho
“Our German Shepard Stacey started to favour her hind legs 6 years ago when she was 8 and was put on special diets and painkillers by our vet, This helped but didn’t fix the problem. 3 years ago she became completely lame from her mid spine down.

We had been given Jo’s contact details shortly before by a friend and so we asked Jo to have a look at Stacey before having her put down. Jo helped Stacey over 2-3 visits to become better than before.

Now Stacey’s 14 years old still mobile and living a full life.”

Alan Steens & Sunny Lee
“Hi, Jo Jenner has worked on all my horses over a period of almost 20 yrs as a bowen therapist, and more recently an equine dentist. I race both thoroughbred and standardbred horses and have had many successes over the years thanks to Jo’s work in remedying mostly tried horses. Very thorough and professional. Outstanding practitioner, without whom i would not be involved in horses today.”
Roger Smith
“Three years ago I broke my back in a riding accident. I used Jo once everything was healed and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! I was told it would give me grief for the rest of my life but it hasn’t.
A year ago I broke my leg/ankle, riding again. Now after having my plates out I had Jo come around and do a treatment. Previously I had found I was so tired all the time and just couldn’t figure it out, I had bloods done and a doctor’s appointment and nothing was wrong.

Once Jo had completed my treatment I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long long time!! I have found in the past couple of days after I have been getting better and better!

Jo has also done treatments on one of our family dogs who was having seizures. Since treatment he hasn’t had a single one!

I DO highly recommend Jo for bowen therapy. Human, horse, dog ANYTHING!


“Jo Jenner I wanted to say thanks for the last bodywork you did on my horse Ace and for your recommendation to get my vet to extract a buried wolf tooth. It has all made a big difference to how he is going. Much softer and happy now. Thanks!

Ace’s previous owner didn’t believe that horses need their teeth doing. There are some ignorant so called “expert” horse people out there.”

Emma Kay
“Our Dobermann Jade developed “wobblers” when she was 9 yrs and this coupled with her arthritic feet made walking very difficult and she got to the point where on a smooth floor she would just collapse as her feet slid out from under her.

The vets only answer was that she had to be put to sleep.

A friend put us in touch with Jo Jenner who the friend said might be able to help us.
Jo’s magic hands worked wonders with Jade and gave us an extra 2 yrs we hadn’t expected to get.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Jo.”

Ian & Hilary Stollery
“A very big thank you to Jo. 4 Months ago Jo came and did Bowen therapy on my beautiful mare whom had been lame for nearly 2 years, vets and x-rays never found the source of her injury and I was forced to retire her.

Jo diagnosed her injury instantly and after 2 therapies I’m absolutely thrilled to say she is 100% sound and we are back enjoying our rides together.”

Wendy Rear, Kawakawa, NZ
“Thank you for your ongoing services on myself and my horses over the many years you have been treating us. You have kept my horses happy and sound during their competitive seasons enabling them to perform at their best ability. You truly have a valuable part to play in my horses accomplishments.”
Renee Faulkner

“I was starting to get aches with my hip, difficulty getting up smoothly, in general my legs and body weren’t as good as it had been just a few years ago.

I attributed the down-slide to lifting heavy pot-plants around over the last few years. After seeing the wonderful results Jo did on my Saint Bernard puppy I asked her to do a treatment on myself. After only 2 treatments and following Jo’s advice, all my aches went away – I now walk evenly again and have no difficulty in getting up.

I’m very appreciative of Jo’s skill. Thank you again for ‘fixing’ me! 🙂

I highly recommend this form of treatment with Jo Jenner.”