Animal Bowen Therapy in both Canine & Equine patients is a muscle release therapy that is highly effective in the treatment of a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

The Bowen therapy is a gentle yet powerful non-invasive technique that addresses the entire body. It enables the body to restore all systems back to balance. It stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities, repairing mechanisms, assisting in the relief of pain, discomfort & some cases behavioural issues;  bringing about improved health and well being. To re-iterate, it allows freedom of movement for all creatures great & small!


Smart Bowen Animal Therapy is a hands on vibrational technique designed specifically for athletes. The therapist applies a series of cross fibre manoeuvres on points of the body over specific muscles, ligaments, tendons & fascia which in turn separates & hydrates the glued fibres. The therapist will work in different areas all over the animal’s body which allows a rest period in between a sequence of moves to allow the body to absorb the information and respond accordingly.

The animal Bowen move disturbs the fascia underneath the skin and vibrations send messages through the nervous system to the brain to remind the body to re balance itself and to relax the muscles & begin the process of healing.


A high percentage of the Smart Bowen Animal Therapy moves are located along acupuncture meridians that are known to stimulate the body’s energy. Animal Bowen Therapy also works on an energetic level. The invisible meridian pathways or channels of energy known as Qi (pronounced “chi”) in traditional Chinese medicine are believed to correspond with every organ in the body. Any disruption with the smooth flow including trauma or muscle spasms for example is said to block the flow of energy that runs through that meridian allowing disease to penetrate the body causing imbalance and illness.


I race thoroughbred horses and have had many successes over the years thanks to Jo’s work in remedying mostly tried horses. She is an outstanding practitioner, without whom I would not be involved in horses today.

Roger Smith

Three years ago, our dog became completely lame from her mid spine down. Our vet told us to put her down but with Jo’s treatment Stacey is pain free, now 14 years old and is still mobile and living a full life.

Alan Steens & Sunny Lee

Jo, I wanted to say thanks for the last bodywork you did on my horse Ace it has all made a big difference to how he is going. Much softer and happy now. Thanks!

Emma Kay