Animal Bowen Therapist Jo Jenner has dedicated a lifetime to helping animals.


Jo Jenner grew up with animals.  As a pre-schooler, the strays and huge array of animals at the SPCA in Drury near Auckland, were her best friends.

From there her passion and natural affinity of animals grew to an obsession and she regularly took it upon herself to foster animals that were less likely to be adopted with or without her parents consent.

Jo saved her pennies & managed to buy her first horse at age 11 – a 15hh ex hunter who was unable to canter on both reins. Later in life Jo purchased horses due to the fact that they were lame, skinny, injured or unwanted. Rehabilitating horse’s bodies when Jo was young was a rare thing or virtually unheard of.

As an young adult Jo was involved in a car accident which later left her with RSI.  Doctors advised her she would never have use of my right arm again.

After two years of Physiotherapy, Chiropractors & Osteopaths failing to give Jo relief from pain & constricted movement, Jo stumbled upon Bowen Therapy.  This led to a now 18 year path of discovery on how to unwind the body.  Jo’s words “The Learning Never Ends”.


This ‘magic’ therapy changed her life after only three treatments giving her back the mobility in her arm.

Jo was so impressed at what Bowen Therapy had done for her when all other western medicine therapy’s and medical specialists had failed she was very keen to apply the same practice to lame and troubled horses and dogs.

After completing a natural therapies course in Tauranga 2001 she was introduced to Smart Bowen (Brian Smart – Australia) and the rest is history.

Jo still continues to build on her education and many years of experience and is openly says that the results have astounded her and continue to do so.

By combining different therapies, skills and talents, Jo believes she can give your equine or canine one of the best treatments available no matter what the discipline.